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TOPIC: info About Guinea Pigs Including Facts & Care -

info About Guinea Pigs Including Facts & Care - 2 years 2 months ago #23524

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All About Guinea Pigs-

Diet -

An even guinea pig diet comprises of:

Excellent guinea pig food, Timothy feed and restricted measures of vegetables and natural products.

Expect 30 to 50 mg of nutrient C day by day from great food, nutrient enhancements or products of the soil high in nutrient C.

Spotless, new, sifted, without chlorine water, changed every day.

Try not to take care of chocolate, caffeine or liquor as these can cause genuine ailments. Stay away from sugar and high-fat treats.

Taking care of -

Things to recollect when taking care of your guinea pig:

New food, Timothy feed and water ought to consistently be accessible.

A restricted measure of vegetables and organic products can be given day by day, however ought not surpass 10% of their absolute eating routine.

Vegetables and organic products not eaten inside 24 hours ought to be disposed of.

Lodging -

Guinea pigs adapt well to average family temperatures, not to surpass 80°F; be mindful of outrageous temperature changes. The living space ought to never be in direct daylight or in a drafty region.

A base 36”L x 30”W x 18”H departure verification living space with a strong surface region and a lot of space for exercise and play makes a decent home for one guinea pig. It is ideal to give the biggest natural surroundings conceivable.

1 to 2” of sheet material ought to be set in the natural surroundings; legitimate sheet material incorporates excellent paper bedding, disintegrated paper bedding or hardwood shavings. Cedar-based items are not suggested.

Guinea pigs might be kept in same-sex sets in case they are raised together; in any case, keep grown-up guinea pigs housed independently. Various sorts of little creatures ought not be housed together.

Ordinary Behavior -

Simple to deal with; favors a daily schedule and comparable time for playing, taking care of and resting every day.

Stows away in objects, however will come out when individuals are close to the natural surroundings.

Bite on objects to keep up with every one of their teeth, which develop constantly; guarantee they have a lot of bite sticks or mineral bites accessible.

Environment Maintenance -

Clean and sanitize the environment and its substance basically once every week with a 3% dye arrangement. Flush and permit to dry totally prior to setting the guinea pig once more into the territory.

Eliminate wet spots day by day; change bedding basically double seven days, or all the more regularly as vital.

Preparing and Hygiene -

Guinea pigs stay clean and seldom need showers, yet can be spot-cleaned with a clammy washcloth or unscented child wipes if necessary.

Hide might be brushed with a delicate sponsored brush. Bald guinea pigs profit with a limited quantity of non-harmful aloe-based moisturizer scoured onto skin to keep it delicate.

Guinea pigs need their nails cut around one time per month.

It isn't unexpected for a guinea pig's teeth to be yellow; cleaning isn't required.

Talk with a veterinarian if a guinea pig's teeth or nails appear excessively long.

Wellbeing -

Indications of a Healthy Animal

Dynamic, ready and amiable

Eats and beverages consistently

Sound hide and clear eyes

Breathing is unlabored

Strolls ordinarily

Imparts by squeaking


weight reduction

unusual going bald

looseness of the bowels or grimy base

troubled relaxing


eye or nasal release

skin sores

congested teeth
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